Telecommunications Network Services

Full Turnkey Solutions for Telecom Client.

Full Turnkey Service Provider

OCK's telecommunication network service provides end-to-end full-turnkey service that comprehensively covers all six segments of market. This process comprises of the designing, building and maintenance of networks. The Group understands that the design stage is the most vital part of ensuring a good and effective network. Through extensive planning, it works to design new telecommunication networks which warrant optimum network depth and width. Wide network coverage ensures quality service levels the covers a broader geographical area while deep network coverage optimizes speed and reliability.

Following the design stages, OCK works to procure the necessary resources and equipment required for network building and deployment. This process involves the supply of raw materials, telecommunication equipment, hardware and sub-contractors for various construction works. After construction works have been completed, OCK provides professional services to manage infrastructure, network operations & maintenance.

The Process

& Planning


(Civil & M&E Works)

(Managed Services)

Build, Own and Lease

OCK is fully licensed to build, own and lease telecommunication sites in Malaysia.

Coupled with OCK's know-how in providing extensive turnkey telecommunication network services, the Group's ability to build, own and lease its telecommunication structures is a key component to the Group's added-value service offerings.

OCK provides passive telecommunication infrastructures and tower space to multiple telecommunication network operators. This supports Malaysia growing culture in telecommunication tower sharing, a business model that generates savings in both capital and operating expenditure for telecommunication operators.

OCK provides various infrastructure that are available for the access seeker to lease in Malaysia such as lamp pole, monopole, tower, minaret and rooftop. For further enquiry please contact our sales representative via Our ARD document can be accessed via here.

Build, Own and Lease
Managed Services

Managed Services

Through its managed services framework, OCK provides services to assist clients in operating and maintaining their telecommunication networks. OCK sets out the essential service requirements with the client in order to maintain and troubleshoot all critical network elements. By providing routine preventative and corrective maintenance services on a 24/7 basis it ensures smooth running for networks. The scope of its maintenance services includes:

  • Reporting and receipt of malfunctions and breakdown and issue reports.
  • Corrective maintenance to rectify system breakdowns and resolve network issues.
  • Preventive maintenance as a planned event to check for impending breakdowns and to maintain system health.
  • Inventory management and spare part delivery for equipment subject to wear and tear.
  • Issue logging for future reference.

Network Optimisation

OCK provides a range of network optimisation services to assist operators to improve their network coverage area and quality of signal. OCK's wide range of tests and services includes:

  • Line of sight and radio frequency surveys.
  • Radio frequency planning.
  • In-Building Coverage (IBC) implementation involving implementation of indoor BTS for effective wireless reception.
Network Optimisation
Fibre Optic Network Outside Plant (OSP)

Fibre Optic Network Outside Plant (OSP)

OCK is involved in turnkey project in the field of building of underground infrastructures for Telecommunication Service Providers. Through OCK's expertise, it provides end-to-end services for OSP works which includes:

  • Carry out of the optic planning for the project while taking into consideration of the topology of the network, attenuation requirement and type of fibers and connection requirement.
  • Obtain the necessary right-of-way permit from the local authorities.
  • Implementation of the civil infrastructure which including trenching, pole erection, road cutting and backfills, construction of manhole and supply of the necessary ducting materials.
  • Installation of fiber optic cable and welding works using specialised welding machines. Supply of designated fiber enclosures and connection kits.
  • Carrying out checks of the optic network using test gears.
  • Documenting the optic network.
  • Round the clock maintenance of the optic network.

As per end of 2014, OCK is undertaking fibre projects in Cambodia & Malaysia.